Fulton County IN Canals


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Name USGS Topo Map
Allen Ditch Pershing
B F Overmyer Ditch Rutland
Babcock Overmyer Ditch Rutland
Bailey Ditch Kewanna
Bailey Ditch Arm Number Three Kewanna
Baker Ditch Kewanna
Baker Ditch Pershing
Blair Ditch Rochester
Blue Ditch Mentone
Bower Ditch Deedsville
Busenburg Ditch Mentone
Callahan Ditch Fulton
Carson Ditch Fulton
Cessna Ditch Pershing
Clary Ditch Fulton
Collins Ditch Pershing
Collins Ditch Fulton
Collins Ditch Culver
Collins Ditch Arm Kewanna
Collins Ditch Arm Number Four Pershing
Collins Ditch Arm Number Three Pershing
Collins Ditch Arm Number Two Pershing
Conn Ditch Fulton
Conn Fred Ditch Fulton
Costello Ditch Fulton
Curtis Ditch Akron
Deweese Ditch Fulton
Dubois Ditch Macy
Eaton Busenburg Ditch Argos
Fouts Ditch Macy
Gast Ditch Akron
Green Ditch Macy
Grube Ditch Pershing
Harsh Ditch Silver Lake
Harsh Ditch Mentone
Hines Ditch Grass Creek
Holtz Ditch Pershing
Hudkins Ditch Pershing
Kersey Finney Ditch Pershing
Lautzenhizer Ditch Silver Lake
Levi Rouch Ditch Fulton
Mastellar Ditch Rochester
Mathias Ditch Pershing
McMahan Ditch Rochester
Miller Ditch Macy
Miller Ditch Pershing
Miller Ditch Rutland
Minnow Ditch Rochester
Miskell Mahoney Ditch Mentone
Neff Ditch Rochester
O'Brien Ditch Grass Creek
Olmstead Ditch Fulton
Overmyer Ditch Fulton
Overmyer Ditch Kewanna
Pownall Ditch Fulton
Rannels Ditch Macy
Rannels Ditch Argos
Reichard Ditch Kewanna
Rentschler Ditch Macy
Robbins Walters Ditch Pershing
Rouch Ditch Fulton
Rowe Ditch Akron
Shetterly Ditch Argos
Smith Ditch Macy
Smith Ditch Kewanna
Smith Ditch Rochester
Sneep Gillespie Ditch Kewanna
Starr Ditch Kewanna
Steinke Ditch Pershing
Tilden Ditch Pershing
Travers Ditch Grass Creek
Troutman Hogan Ditch Kewanna
Ulch Ditch Fulton
Wagoner Ditch Culver
Waite Ditch Fulton
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