Bartholomew County IN Civil


Bartholomew County Cultural Features: Civil

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Name County USGS Topo Map
City of Columbus Bartholomew Columbus
Town of Clifford Bartholomew Hope
Town of Elizabethtown Bartholomew Elizabethtown
Town of Hartsville Bartholomew Hartsville
Town of Hope Bartholomew Hope
Town of Jonesville Bartholomew Jonesville
Township of Clay Bartholomew Elizabethtown
Township of Clifty Bartholomew Grammer
Township of Columbus Bartholomew Columbus
Township of Flat Rock Bartholomew Hope
Township of German Bartholomew Edinburgh
Township of Harrison Bartholomew New Bellsville
Township of Haw Creek Bartholomew Hartsville
Township of Jackson Bartholomew Waymansville
Township of Ohio Bartholomew Waymansville
Township of Rock Creek Bartholomew Grammer
Township of Sand Creek Bartholomew Azalia
Township of Wayne Bartholomew Jonesville
Unorganized Territory of Camp Atterbury Bartholomew Nineveh
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